Thankful | The Circle Link-up November 2015


I’ve been meaning to join in with Kiki and her monthly Circle Link-Up for a while now, but then it sneaks up on me and I forget. This month I planned ahead though, and in the spirit of God not letting me not be grateful recently, (part one, and part two) I figured I would join in on November’s topic (side note: how is it the end of November already??) of creating an acrostic for the word THANKFUL. So here goes!

T – Time


I’ve been thankful for a job that allows us to have a flexible schedule so I can have time to myself in the mornings.

I’m also soooo excited that we get to go back to America for furlough in just three weeks! Can’t wait for that time with family and friends.

H – Husband.


Seriously. True love is when he has to get up and leave before me so he gets a fire going in the fireplace and leaves coffee in the pot for me. He has gone above and beyond the past few weeks to take on a lot of my responsibilities for me, and to physically go and do with me things he can’t do for me. I’m such a better person because he is helping give me space to breathe and be.

A – Annual Visa paperwork is DONE

Ok so every year we have to get a volunteer worker visas to stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina. And every year it’s a royal pain. Ever since McDonald’s came to BiH during our second year here, it’s the tradition that when you finish all of your paperwork (which takes weeks of your life and many trips to many government offices) you splurge there. We finished ours last week and I feel so free! It was even accepted on the first time around..which is some sort of record I think.

N -Niko (duh!)


This guy can make me so mad. But, at the same time I have never loved so much or learned so much from one thing. I’m sure that will change if we ever have kids, but for now, Niko is the baby and we’re learning a lot from our life not being our own. Plus he keeps me in shape by needing so many walks.

K – Kind friends


I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here yet, but we’re getting a new puppy for Christmas!! His name is Olympus Addicus Cunningham (Ollie) and we’ll get him when we go back to the States. (Above is Niko and I face timing with Addie and Ollie)

Basically the stars (almost) aligned again and we could get another Goldendoodle from one of Niko’s same parents. The problem was that he would need to come home from the breeders 3 weeks before we get home.

Our friends have graciously taken him on and are dealing with the early stages of potty training (did I mention they just moved into a new house a month ago) and having a needy puppy over the holidays.

I’m so grateful that we have people in our lives who would go to such lengths for us.

F – Fireplace


We started our first fire a few nights ago and I am so happy about it! We heat our house with this wood burning stove..and although I have a hard time getting out of bed in the cold to get it started…I do enjoy the simple joy it brings me. I’m not sure why I love it so much, but I do.

U- Unbelievable weather

So, summer here in Mostar is unbearable. Most people say it’s the worst thing about Mostar. It’s the hide inside with the curtains drawn from 11-5 kind of hot. There was great rejoicing in our house when we survived our first summer here. Then people started to change their tune and tell me that rainy season (which comes after summer apparently) is in fact the worst…and after two weeks of intense rain I started to believe them. I began to despair.

But God, in his mercy…has given the dog and me weeks and weeks of absolutely beautiful, can’t complain about it weather! It’s cool in the mornings and evenings and want-to-lay-in-the-sun-all-day warm in the afternoons. I am a much happier person when the skies are blue. It has been marvelous!

I’m just hoping it will last until we head to America and we miss the rain all together. Fingers crossed!

L- Life in BiH

I have been sharing with Craig that I feel like we’re so much better off because we live in BiH. Things I would *want* to be true of me in America are things that we are forced to do here

I feel blessed to live in a place where produce is fresh and mostly organic, where we don’t have as many preservatives in our foods and eating bad here is still significantly better than eating bad in America. I love that we live in a walking city and sometimes the only time we drive during the week is to make a big trip to the big grocery store across town. I love that my dog knows what a bakery is and is motivated by bread. I love that my walk to work is that last picture up there.


Whew! That was harder than I thought it would be and I had to get a little creative with some of the letters. It was a fun reminder to me that I do have a lot to be thankful for.

What about you? What are you thankful for?


I’m joining the circle link up, you can too!