Blog-tember Day 24 | His & Hers


Today we’re re-creating a project from another blogger.

I came across this one from Jacqueline over at Jacqueline Reape which she included in her favorite post round-up from day 19 of this year’s Blog-tember challenge. She credits Elsie and Emma at A Beautiful Mess with the idea when the two sisters compared their favorite things.

It was such a fun idea I thought we could try it and put The Cunningham Two spin on it.

So here is what Craig and I are currently…..


(Dunkin Donuts original with milk and sugar – Same, but with pumpkin spice creamer)


(Throne of Glass – Outlander)


(Miami Marlins – Moby Wrap #wearallthebabies)


(Walk of the Earth, Rule the World – Jack Johnson, Better Together)


(Coca-Cola addict – All the water [Go Pack Go! 😉 ] )


(Man purse…it’s a thing here! – Lily Jade Diaper Bag)


(Destiny – Lettering)


Charlotte 🙂

I’m joining Baily Jean in the 2016 Blog-tember challenge, you can too!



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