Blog-tember Day 18 | Simplifying Life

This might not be revelational to anyone, but aside from my iPhone (which I live on!) the thing I use most daily and that helps me simplify life is my Erin Condren planner.

I’ve always been detailed and organized and had a paper calendar in my room for as long as I can remember. (I’m serious, I remember being 8 and having an American Girl one, then an Anne Geddes one [whoa, blast from the past!]…even a beanie baby one!)

As I got older it turned into school planners, and making my own weekly spreadsheets…I loved having a place to physically write things down, it helps me remember things.

Fast forward years later and I’ve tried many planners and layouts and the one I keep coming back to is the Erin Condren Life Planner.


I write a lot more about it here in this post on How to Make and Keep a Weekly Schedule. So I won’t go into a lot of details, but it’s my favorite layout by far! I love the fun colors and how customizeable they are. You can get names, and pictures printed on the front if you’d like.

Word on the street is they have awesome teacher and wedding planners as well!

If you’re interested in one, you can use this referral code, which just gets me a percentage off of my next purchase. 🙂

I will say, they’re more expensive than a planner you can pick up at Target. But twice now I have given up my Erin Condren and said I’ll just use a Walmart planner to save money, and twice I have regretted it!  This is something I buy as my Christmas present every year and it keeps on giving throughout the entire next year!

I’m joining Bailey Jean in the 2016 Blog-tember challenge, you can too!



7 thoughts on “Blog-tember Day 18 | Simplifying Life

  1. I have always had a calendar as long as I can remember as well and I totally had the American Girl calendar growing up! I can’t get into the digital to-do lists and such even though I have tried! Paper planners for the win!

  2. I can’t get into digital planning either. I need the feel of paper and pen! I’m trying Heidi Swapp’s planner this year and next year I have gotten the 365 Happy Planner. The planners can get to be expensive but I figure I’m worth it!

    • Yes, I have heard a lot of great things about the simplified planner!! I looked into those once and think the layout didn’t work as well for me personally or something…but everyone is different so you totally have to find what works best for you!!!

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