Blog-tember Day 15 | My craziest adventure

I could tell you that my craziest adventure was finding my way through the labyrinth of stark ex-communist hospital buildings and speaking in my second language all morning to figure out the immunization schedule for this country (which is different than other countries… eye roll) and getting my daughter her 6 week check up today in Bosnia…..but that would just be being dramatic.

I could tell you that my craziest adventure was getting married before I could legally drink, and then 7 months later moving overseas together for an indefinite period of time..but I think that’s pretty much a given.

I could tell you about the time that we had to get check ups for our visa at the local public hospital, or the time my friends and I road tripped to buy Polish pottery, or the time it actually saved our team money to spend the weekend in Venice….

Then there’s the time we hosted a Bollywood actor to put on acting classes for our students…the time our team hitched a ride in the middle of a Bosnian Forrest with a logger on the back of his tractor..the time we spent the night in a Chick Fil A parking lot, or the time we ran a half marathon.

Along with getting our dogs from America to Bosnia…these are all noteworthy adventures.

But then I remembered the hike to Sky Pond.


A few summers ago we had to be in Colorado for a training. While we were there some friends invited us hiking.

If you’ll remember, we’re from Florida, and I’ve been known to refer to hiking as “boring hard walking.” Hah!

But we loved our friends and are always up for adventure so we agreed. We drove about an hour away to the Rocky Mountain National Park and made our way to the trail head called Glacier Gorge.

In total the hike was around 10 miles! It ended up being the most epic hike (to us at least, haha). We hiked past Alberta falls, Andrew’s loch, UP A WATERFALL, got caught in a hail storm and had to hide under some rocks (gave new imagery to “Rock of Ages cleft for me…;) ), and up and down a snow bank! It was eventful, that’s for sure.

Even though at places it was hard (when I was literally sliding down the side of a snow bank on my butt)The views and the company were so worth it. I will just leave you with the pictures.


 (many of these photos taken by our ridiculously talented friends Andrew and Ann )


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