Blog-tember Day 12 | Books Books Books

Happy Monday guys!

I was sad to miss the Blog-tember fun over the weekend, especially the Instagram round up…because you know..I always need more fun feeds in my life. But I went back and read many of your posts and found some new Insta Gems 🙂

We were busy this weekend cleaning, baby snuggling, puppy wrangling, and churchin’.

I mentioned a few posts back that I’ve fallen off the reading wagon the past few weeks since Charlotte’s arrival. Last year I read 56 books and kept track of some of them here on the blog…but I need to update that and add this year’s as well! Maybe I’ll be motivated to do that today…

My tastes are usually anything Young Adult Fiction and I love a good Series (Graceling, Lunar Chronicles, Mortal Instrument/Infernal Devices…etc…)

But, here are the recent and upcoming:

One I Just Read:

Sheet Music | Dr. Kevin Lehman


If you hang out with me long enough you know I’m pretty passionate about talking about and seeing change in how the church, especially women in the church view and talk about sex.  We had been talking about this book with a few couple friends who are about to get married and went ahead and gave it a re-read since it had been a  while.

If you’re engaged or married, this is a healthy one to go through with your spouse and talk about chapter by chapter.

One I’m Currently Reading:

The Outlander Series | Diana Gabaldon


OK, soooo technically this isn’t currently yet. But I’m finishing this post and downloading them onto my phone, I swear!

I have been hearing about it for a while and need a good series to get into. This is how I’m going to redeem my time spent nursing.

One I Want To Read:

Soul Keeping | John Ortberg


The “to read” list is long and lengthy so it was hard to pick just one! This one I keep meaning to read and never get around to it. It’s similarly themed to my list of most impactful books, and I think it would really resonate with a lot of beliefs I have on rest and Sabbath.

Do we have any similar books? Looking forward to see your picks!

I’m joining Baily Jean in the 2016 Blog-tember Challenge, you can too!



8 thoughts on “Blog-tember Day 12 | Books Books Books

  1. I have heard great things about Sheet Music! I agree with you, I think it is so important to talk about what healthy sex looks like within a marriage, especially within the context of Christian couples because it is a big leap from being a virgin to being totally free to be sexually intimate and for some gals I chatted with prior to getting married, there was shame/guilt that they knew shouldnt be there since they were married but they never really discussed expectations and the mental transition, so it was something I am glad I had a few close friends I could discuss it with while engaged as well as the first few months of marriage

    • YES!!! We talk about that often! There is such a stigma of “don’t do it, it’s bad, don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t do it, it’s bad” that when you come to the appropriate time and place to enjoy it you can’t allow yourself to let down a whole life’s worth of walls and barriers and see it as the wonderful thing it is!
      That problem is SO real and we never talk about it and the not talking about it makes women, especially, feel like something is wrong with them, which just adds to the vicious circle.

    • That’s kind of what I’m expecting, for it to not be my favorite. My sister has the same book taste I do and didn’t love it, but like you mentioned, sooo many people love it! I have been putting it off for long enough that I need to give it a try for myself!

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