Blog-tember Day 8 | Adventure Nursery Snippets


Like many of you I had grand intentions for this post, and then life happened.

I dreamed of taking professional looking vignette pictures with my real camera of an elegant put-together room. But instead I ended up navigating the Bosnian health care system and being sent to the hospital, and then the emergency room, just to get some basic antibiotics…because apparently that’s how it works here. I’m totally OK and it was TOTALLY not an emergency…that’s just how their system works….so I found out, lol.

Anyways, house tours equally intrigue me and creep me out a little (I can just hear my mom saying don’t put all of my life on the Internet!), and I’m honestly looking forward to getting a glimpse into your lives today!

For now, here are some snippets of Charlotte’s nursery.

I was super indecisive when coming up with colors and fabrics for her room and went back and forth between mint and coral and pink and aqua for some time before settling on this “hodge-podge adventure” theme as I like to call it

img_5854This was what we had done in the guest bedroom turned nursery before we left to go to Croatia, where she was born.

We were still missing all the bedding (which my mom made and brought with her, she’s awesome!) and the changing pad for the changing table.


This is one of my favorite pieces in the nursery. I made this map with different prints that I’ll use in her scrapbook, and the verse at the bottom is from Habakkuk and says “Look among the nation and see, wonder and be astounded! For I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if told.”


This was little miss “napping” in her crib this morning. Even though that lasted for all of 4 minutes.

My mom made all of the bedding and brought it with her when she came over to visit.

And yes, that is a decorative flower pot holding up the monitor…I realize that won’t fly for long, haha.


The gallery wall is another favorite of mine, because Craig and I made it all, except for the frames which we picked up at the Bosnian version of a Flea Market (which is a story for another day!) and re-painted. Also, that white strip goes to the AC Unit. They don’t have central AC here, just small units sort of like window units, that you can install…they haven’t figure out a great way to wire them though, lol.img_5568

I do need to say that these paintings aren’t my original work, I took designs I liked and tweaked them to work with our colors and my wording, etc. If I knew where they actually came from I would totally give credit, but for the most part they were just Pinterest images that I gathered inspiration from.


Look at that UP postcard my friend Megan brought back for us from Disney. She knows me too well! And that cute little face! It was still hard to imagine what she’d be like from the ultrasound photos, but now that we know her we can totally see her in the photo. Also, those were our hospital bracelets, just matching numbers, no information or anything.


They don’t have closets here in this country. So we have to make the most of all storage space. This space was for hanging clothes, but since baby clothes don’t need that much hanging space, we added shelves and baskets as makeshift drawers.img_5797img_7842

Books, of course! This Fairy Tale book Craig actually bought for me on our Spring trip to Athens, such a special memory of our last trip before we became of family of three. The Jesus Storybook Bible is a MUST for everyone! I love it! I cry every time I read the stories. So. Good. Can’t wait to start reading it to her. Also, this adorable Pride and Prejudice board book was one of my favorite shower gifts. Start ’em young! πŸ™‚


More gifts from sweet teammates, and curtains my mom made.

There you have it, our sweet girl’s space! We hope the decor serves as a reminder to her and especially to us to always keep learning, adventuring, and practicing curiosity.

I’m joining up with Baily Jean for 2016 the Blog-tember challenge, you can too!



9 thoughts on “Blog-tember Day 8 | Adventure Nursery Snippets

  1. So many sweet details in your nursery! I love the color scheme, hodgepodge and all! πŸ™‚ It looks great! And the sweet little gallery and art that you made is so precious. So sweet of your mom to make the bedding and bring it during her visit! And i LOVE the Jesus Storybook Bible! It explains things SO well for kids (and adults too!) and I have about 4-5 of those board books including P & P, Sense & Sensibility, Jane Eyre, and Emma. SO adorable!

  2. Love baby girls room! It’s so adorable! I feel hodgepodge works perfectly! I think once I have kids I’ll be pretty indecisive when it comes to decor ting too! There are just so many cute ideas out there!

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