Blog-tember Day 6 | Current Playlist

Our family is big on google. Google calendar, gmail, google photos, google chrome cast, google drive…we’ve basically sold our souls to google and we’re ok with that.

So we are also big users of Google Play Music. Like the Pandora for Google.

I’ve been letting them create playlists for me, so I will just share with you my current favorite stations and what you might find there.

1. Shane and Shane Radio

I listen to this one a lot of mornings when I’m spending some time with the Lord or Hand Lettering.

It has songs like:

2.  Google’s Waking Up Happy Playlist

We put this one on the morning we were getting discharged from the hospital. Craig packed the room up while I held Charlotte in bed and danced with her. I Love You Baby came on and I cried singing it to her. Hormones, man! That will forever be her song I think.

3. Google’s Classic Songs to Raise Your Kids to playlist

This one has been on a lot too…although now that I’m looking closer at all of the songs it makes me question whether children should reeeeally be listening to all of these haha.

On here you can find:


There were so many more I could have added! Music is so fun!

What are you listening to these days?

I’m joining Baily Jean in the 2016 Blog-Tember Challenge, you can too!



5 thoughts on “Blog-tember Day 6 | Current Playlist

    • For real though…they probably know more about us than we know ourselves! And Shane and Shane is one of my all time favs! They have this recent worship initiative project where they made 12 CDs or something covering popular praise and worship music and some hymns…good stuff.

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