Blog-tember Day 5 | Birthdays


My little Seminole! Game day ready!

Happy Labor day! Before I get to today’s prompt I need to recognize that we’re back to football season! I’m so glad!

I’m a die hard fan of our college team, the Florida State Seminoles (Go Noles!) and pretty much bleed garnet and gold. It’s hard to be outside of the states and keep up with all that is going on in the world of college sports, and admittedly I don’t keep up all that well, but I’ll always love Fall and the first day of college football. I gotta raise my girl up right so we got all dressed up for game day today!

OK, but today we’re talking about favorite birthdays.

I love birthdays. My birthday…others’ birthdays…I want to celebrate them all! I am a FIRM believer in the birthday week (much to Craig’s dismay) and have been known to try to make it into a birthday month.

I’ll just list a few recent highlights

1. “The Stephanie 20”

I’ve mentioned before my love of ice cream….it’s pretty extravagant. For my twentieth birthday my college friends, headed up by my best friend Megan, instead of a cake made me a concoction known as “The Stephanie Twenty.” It had 20 scoops of ice cream, a billion jelly beans, and a ridiculous assortment of other toppings that I have since forgotten.

It was delicious. I ate it out of the bowl with a spoon.

2. 21 Cookies

Sadly I have no pictures from my 21st birthday because we can’t remember whose computer they were on, and we think it must have died.

My same friend, Megan, (she is awesome) for my 21st birthday made 21 different types of cookies, each one representing something I loved.

3. Rock Band 80s bash

Guys. I unashamedly love rock band. I could play the drums on expert all day long. It’s so fun. #noshame

For our second year in Bosnia, my 23rd birthday,  my teammates and all of our students and friends threw me an awesome surprise Rock Band 80’s party. They all went to the thrift store and bought hilariously awesome outfits and decorated our student center in all sorts of bright colors and decorations.

That was also the same year they made me two red velvet Hunger Games cakes.

4. Trip to Turkey

A few years ago for my 25th Craig was kind enough to fly me to Istanbul to meet Megs who was there teaching for a year, (I see a theme here running around all of my favorite birthday memories) and spend the weekend with her. We saw all the sights and baked our litte hearts out together…I know we made at least 4 things, if not more, in that short weekend. It was such an adventure, and so refreshing.

Those are just a few birthday highlights.

Do you enjoy celebrating like me? Or do you try to hide your birthday, like Craig?

I’m joining Baily Jean in the 2016 Blog-tember challenge, you can too!



10 thoughts on “Blog-tember Day 5 | Birthdays

  1. Hahah! My husband tries to hide his birthday too! One time he was all the way in Malawi and didn’t tell anyone on his team it was his birthday! Ridiculous. I also have been known to try to celebrate all month long (hehehe). Celebrating is a wonderful trait to have! You have had so many fun and creative birthdays!

  2. Here from the Blogtember Challenge & loved seeing all the creative ways your friends celebrated you on your birthdays! Also, those photos from Istanbul are beautiful.

    Meghan |

  3. I love birthdays. It’s the one day a year the celebrator gets to feel extra special. (My husband could also care less about birthdays and prefers to ignore them.) The best birthdays for me are the ones that involve the greatest number of people I love coming together. Those are rare but memorable.

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