Blog-tember Day 4 | Currently


We’re currently enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon. I napped. Charlotte napped. We watched some shows, and are just taking it slow….how Sundays should be!

But, to give you a little more about what we’re up to here’s my currently list:

Reading…nothing. It’s sad! What should I read you guys, help me get back in the reading game!
Playing… fetch with the dogs every morning. I can’t walk them yet after the c-section and they have soooo much energy. Looking forward to getting back to our family walks.
Watching… During my hospital stay (they make you stay 5 nights here) and recovery at home we binged watched all the seasons of Drop Dead Diva and The Librarians. #noshame After The Librarians, we’re now re-watching Leverage with my mom because she had never seen it.
Trying… to drink enough water.
Cooking… nothing. Seriously, I haven’t cooked since before Charlotte was born. My goal for this coming week is to have my mom help me prepare a billion freezer meals to put in our new deep freeze so I can survive once she’s gone.
Eating… rotisserie chicken and homemade somun bread from the road side rotisserie stand. Stopping by to get a chicken on the way home from church is staring to become a tradition.

Drinking… all the water. I have giant Tervis tumblers in every room of the house, haha.
Texting… my sisters and a few friends #alldayeveryday. Thank the Lord for iMessage and Viber. How did people ever survive overseas when they could just write letters? Modern technology is amazing.
Pinning… freezer/crockpot meal ideas. Anyone got any good ones they want to share?
Tweeting… about jelly belly jelly bean flavors. Love Jelly Beans, not a fan of buttered popcorn flavor though.
Going… nowhere! Staying in while mom and Craig go see the Bourne movie. I’m such a homebody.
Loving… the Lularoe Carly dress. I feel embarrassed about how many of them I want to buy.
Discovering…that Target has Boo-terscotch and S’Mores M&Ms right now. I need someone to send me those!
Thinking… about vaccinations, insurance coverage, and public vs private health care here. We’re trying to get Charlotte’s appointments set up and it’s a little bit crazy because private pediatricians can’t administer immunizations, but public hospitals won’t accept our insurance, only the local insurance. #expatlife #momlife
Feeling… ready to get back to walking everywhere and exercising.
Hoping (to)… hear good news from the visa office that we don’t have to apply for this year’s visas under a different status, which would involve a lot more paperwork than normal.
Listening (to)… Google play has this great “songs your kids should know” playlist we’ve been listening to a lot. Lots of “oldies.” Charlotte loves to dance with us to all the songs. I currently have C’mon Eileen stuck in my head, haha.
Celebrating… keeping a baby alive for a month! And slowly but surely gaining my strength back and being able to do more and more things.
Smelling… two certain goldendoodles who need baths. When will they learn to do that on their own?
Ordering… all the baby things for Craig’s parents to bring us when they come next month. Really just MAM pacifiers and baby headbands. #essentials
Thanking… my mom for spending an entire day yesterday organizing and deep cleaning my storage room! Y’all that woman is a saint.
Considering… cloth diapers? Are they worth it? Can I keep up with that much laundry? I’m thinking I can’t.
Starting… to try to organize my house while my mom is here to help me.
Finishing… the Bosnian version of a twinkie….#okmaybealittlebitofshame

That’s about everything!

What are you up to currently?


I’m joining Baily Jean in the Blog-tember challenge…you can too!


8 thoughts on “Blog-tember Day 4 | Currently

  1. Congrats on the new baby! I used cloth diapers for all three of mine. A little more work but definitely worth it I thought. How lucky you were to be able to stay five nights. Here in California it is 1, maybe 2 depending on the time the baby is born!

    • Thanks, Janet! I so want to be the person who can do cloth…we may still try…I’m so indecisive about it right now! And yes, it was a blessing in disguise because to have to stay so long in the hospital..I definitely felt more rested (here they don’t bother you at night at all so we got lots of sleep!) ready and prepared to leave than I would have after leaving after just a night or two.

  2. For a non-fiction I have to suggest Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist! Depending on how big you like your books to be I always suggest the Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon. They are huge but oh so good! Another series that I adore but is a little more young adult is The Selection Series by Kiera Cass. Super easy to read and really good at the same time!

    • Ohhh yay! Thanks for the suggestions!! I finished the selection series earlier in the year and really enjoyed it! I keep hearing about Outlander but since I’m usually trying to finish a certain number of books in a year I always put it off in favor of shorter books (I don’t know what that says about me haha)…maybe now that I’m already behind in the yearly book count it’s a good time to try it!

      • I know exactly what you mean. I usually read other books while reading the Outlander Series because they are SO big. Another one I just finished is Little Bee by Chris Cleave! It was really good. It has much more depth than my usual book choices and I enjoyed that!

  3. Man, I totally feel ya on the playing fetch thing. Our puppy is only 5 months old and she just got her rabies shot and is getting fixed this coming weekend and then we can finally take her to the doggy park!!! She’s had to be kept in our apartment for all this time.. with the occasion of going out to go to the bathroom! haha

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