Blog-tember Day 3 | Summer Favorites

Today we’re looking back at summer and sharing favorites from the season.

Where we live, Mostar, is notorious for being extremely hot. Like, stay inside and black out your house and don’t leave ’till after dark, hot.  Last summer we had almost three weeks straight where temps were in the 110’s. Which is normal for summer elsewhere in America….except air conditioning is not really a thing here.


While I do love our slower pace since all of our students are off and gone for the summer, I’m not usually sad to see the heat fade and the Fall weather arrive.

But, it’s not all bad, there are some things I love about summer:

  1. Summer produce

It’s very agricultural here in Herzegovina (the area of Bosnia we live in). I’ve mentioned before that our church here has a farm that we love to go and work on. This year we harvested around 3000kg (6,600 pounds) of potatoes, among other things. It’s always so rewarding to me to literally have fruits of our labor at the end of the day, which we don’t always see when we work day in and day out with students.

Most things here are seasonal, so I can’t just pop to the grocery store for some blueberries for pancakes, for example, unless it’s the right time of year for them.

Summer has the best produce. Every year I get giddy when the fruit stands start getting more and more colorful and the deliciousness starts rolling in from local farms and peoples’ backyards.


I mean, need I say more??

I. Love. Ice cream.

Like so much so that most years instead of a birthday cake, I stick candles in a couple half gallons of Publix ice cream (when I’m in the States). You southern ladies know what I’m talking about!

Here in Mostar they have stands up everywhere and you can get a scoop for the equivalent of 50 cents. I’m kind of an ice cream snob so the ice cream here isn’t my favorite…but it’s definitely refreshing (I realized I don’t have any pictures of the ice cream stands here! Sorry…I’m not doing a good job of giving you a good picture of life here, haha)

3. Adventures

Adventure is one of our life words, if that’s a thing, haha. We even gave Charlotte an adventure themed nursery, sort of. (More on that on day 8).

Something about summer just makes it perfect for adventuring.

This summer we spent a lot of time in our neighboring country, Croatia, waiting on the baby, but we were able to sneak in a few fun trips to places like the mountain behind our house for sunset, Kravice waterfalls, and Old Town Zadar (to see the famous sea organ).


What about you? Are you happy to see summer go or mourning its passing?


I’m participating in Baily Jean’s Blog-tember challenge, you can too!


6 thoughts on “Blog-tember Day 3 | Summer Favorites

  1. Love seeing pictures of other people in my favorite place – CROATIA! My father was born there and I used to go every single summer until being an adult happened. Hoping to make it there in summer of 2018.

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