Blog-tember Day 2 | #Goals


I’m kind of obsessed with hashtags. #noshame!

Each of our dogs and our baby have their own, and I on more than one occasion have spoken to Craig using hashtags. #sorrynotsorry.

I digress…..but today’s prompt just left me thinking about “#goals” and how people use that now to comment on others’ photos and to essentially say “I want to be you when I grow up!”

So what do I want do be when I grow up? Or at the very least what do I want to see happen in this season?

It’s a strange new season for me as I’m on maternity leave until the end of the calendar year. Craig and I have worked together every day for the past 7 years or so, and I don’t know that I’ll know what to do when we’re not doing the same thing. I’m so very grateful for our leadership and our organization and that they value family and I have this time to really enter into motherhood in a slow and healthy way.

Fall Goals:

1. Not have any goals.

Seriously though. I’m somewhat of a recovering perfectionist and overachiever. Every year with our bosses we have to make a Personal Development Plan to focus on for that season. More than once I have been encouraged to have less goals for myself, or none at all…because I’m trying to do too many things at once. That’s so hard for me to put my “deadly doing down!”

Especially in this social media/small business/Etsy/Instagram world we live in, I feel like there is so much pressure to be, do, accomplish, make a name for yourself…and I tend to get so caught up in that.

So I want to spend time with my girl and not feel pressure to squeeze too much accomplishing into this season. (I mean, plus the cooking and cleaning and buying groceries in Bosnia and doctors appointments, and all the other household and #momlife things.)

If she stays alive and well, that is accomplishment enough.

(Did I mention she’s one month old today? Which is ridiculously crazy!)

I would be lying though if I didn’t say I had a few things in the back of my mind to do…

2. Redeem my time nursing by working on my reading list.

I’ve been spending my time feeding Char scrolling through social media. Ooops. It’s been fun to stay connected, but there are much more productive things I could do during those 20 minutes or so.

Last year I had a goal to read 52 books, and I accomplished that and then some! This year I kept the same goal, and also used Tim Challie’s 2016 Reading Challenge to help fill out my list with a little more substance. I was doing alright until,you know, I had a baby and whatnot. I probably won’t reach 52 this year, and that’s ok! But I can make a dent in the list!

I’m on Goodreads if you want to see what I’ve been reading.

3. Hand Lettering Challenges

Like the rest of the Christian women’s’ world (gah! I’m rolling my eyes at myself for being such a fad follower!), I’ve been getting into hand lettering. It’s really a fun practice for me to sit and meditate on some portion of Scripture in the mornings.

I’ve always learned best by writing things down. I was notorious in school for making flashcards that I never actually used, but I needed that process of marking things on paper with ink.

I’m currently participating in Krystal Whitten’s Letter the Promises Challenge and have done a few other in the past. I want to keep doing these scripture challenges as they come up to force me to be still with the Lord, and to become better at lettering.


(you can follow along with my lettering challenges on Instagram: @_.maybesomeday._


That’s all I’m allowing myself to put down for now. Here’s to hoping it’s a fun Fall spent cherishing (and taking way too many photos of) the little Squish.


What about you? Do you need more goals, or less in your life? Do you have any exciting book recommendations for me?



17 thoughts on “Blog-tember Day 2 | #Goals

  1. I am a lot like you in that I tend to over sschedule and over commit and give myself too many goals.I really like your don’t have too many goals goal. I could learn from that for sure

  2. I would love to learn how to do modern calligraphy!! And I agree with your ‘not making goals’ haha I am the same 🙂 yet writing things down helps me achieve things so much better. nice to be introduced to your blog!

  3. I love your first goal of not having too many goals. I am right there with you — recovering perfectionist and people pleaser over here, so I often say Yes when I should be saying No and add far too many things on my to-do list. Now that I am married, I am seeing how this really affects my husband because I am not giving him my undivided attention he desires, needs, and deserves. This was a good reminder!

    • Yes, Elena, you’re so right! Our choices don’t just affect us…my striving in other places to be something bigger or greater or better can impact my husband and daughter as well…such a good reminder!

  4. Your blogs are always so inspiring and always resonate with me. I suffer from having too many things I want to accomplish (at once) and that makes me tend to lose focus and not get much of anything done. I need to narrow down what to work on first and prioritize!!

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