Breaking the Radio Silence with a Life Update

I’ve missed this little space in the past few months.

We all know about the best laid plans, and good intentions. I had them. And then we went on furlough and spent 6 weeks in America with family…


Airport drop off pictures are just a normal part of our life.

…and got a second puppy…


Little Ollie joined our family while we were home and the boys enjoyed learning how to be boat dogs when we lived with my in-laws on their boat.

…and found out that WE’RE HAVING A BABY! WHAT?!


Whew. I think that about covers all of the life change we’ve experienced since Thanksgiving.

We’re back in BiH and trying to get over jet lag as quickly as possible. This morning I sat down at my kitchen table and spent some time with the Lord and processing my life for the first time in a while and it was refreshing.

Hoping to be able to share more this semester (when your job revolves around students, your life still works in semesters and summers) as I’m still more and learn more.

Welcome back to the crazy adventure of our ever-changing lives!


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