October and Blondetober Wrap-Up

I love a good challenge! I’ve told Craig before that I would love to do a whole blogging series where I just try new fads and challenges for a month and report back on them. Something in me just yells “challenge accepted!” (Barney Stinson anyone??) and I love the community and camaraderie they bring.

All that to say, when through the September  Blog-tember  challenge I found Kelsey and her October Blondetober Instagram challenge…I had to join in.

Much like Blog-tember I didn’t hold too fastly to the schedule and if I couldn’t find something in my day to make the prompt work, I didn’t. There were some days where the pormpt did inspire me to go a step beyond my normal schedule and into something Fall and fun, and I enjoyed those days.

Here’s my October in review, Blondetober style


Blondetober prompt list

IMG_2027Day 3: It’s a weekend thing

“Getting some energy out of the pup up on the hill right above our house, before we get back to painting furniture all day”

IMG_2043“Another sunset romp with the pup to end the weekend.”

Driving up to the mountain on the weekends with the dog is quickly becoming one of our favorite things. He runs to his heart’s content while we relax and breath the fresh air and take in the view.

IMG_2055Day 6: All that Sparkles

“Give me my basic white girl card because I made myself a pumpkin spice latte and sat down to start Simply Tuesday this morning before starting on the seemingly endless to do list…thanks to the blondetober challenge for inspiring me to go a little further and add some extra sparkle to my journaling this morning.”

IMG_2113Day 13: Currently

“Sneaking in the last few chapters of a book with the cuddly pup before we face the day”

IMG_2135Day 14: Office attire

“When you work with students this is as office attire as you get..chambray, yellow fall pants, leopard print flats, and a puppy of course!”

IMG_2143Day 15: Pun intended

“From under my umbrella -ella -ella -ella -eh -eh. Rainy Season is upon us. Sigh….I’ve got nothing for day 15…hope you get “swept away” by this awesome picture??? Haha no.”

Mostar during rainy season might be worse that Mostar during the summer. Might. Probably not, but it was so depressing! I’m glad it cleared up for us to get a bit of nice Fall weather.

IMG_2174Day 16: Golden Hour

“Backyard bouquets and golden hour. In the interest of realness: there is real frustration going on with the new house right now. Things keep breaking and ruining and it just does not feel like home. I was happy to find beauty here though in this fall bouquet picked from the backyard. I also was beginning to think that the rain would never stop…but we got a treat of dryness today even if it was still gross and the sun came out just in time to go down.”

IMG_2202Day 17: This is my town

“We did all things Fall today including wearing plaid and scouring the town for pumpkins. I found an orange one this year! Craig made us this awesome backyard gate out of some old shutters that friends gifted us. I made pumpkin donuts and the Noles play at a decent time for us. Thank ya Jesus.”

Halloween and all things Pumpkin haven’t made it to Bosnia and Herzegovina. We always have to hunt for pumpkins which they occasionally have here but they’re almost always green and used for making soup or one of their cultural dishes, pita.

IMG_2292Day 23: Adventure Friday

“This is as adventure Friday as it’s getting today. Venturing to the doctors to be diagnosed with bronchitis and have a table for Svaki Student at a university event fair, and back home to crash, because…you know…bronchitis. Trying to make up for the fact that I didn’t ever put on real clothes or leave the house yesterday.”

IMG_2323Day 24: Mugsy

” Because Polish Pottery and comfy sweatshirts are proven to help you feel better”

IMG_2391Day 25: Chasing Daylight

“We had daylight savings this weekend here and so we’re trying to get in all the sunshine and mountain romping in we can before darkness and winter roll in.”

Aka, Stephanie thinks she’s a model but someone please tell her she’s not!

We change time over here before America so we always have a week or two of confusion as to whether we’re 5,6,or 7 hours ahead of our families now. We haaaaaaate the change in the Fall because that means it gets dark around 4:30…and that’s so hard. I’m thinking about investing in one of those happy lights..

IMG_2404Day 26: #AmIRight

“According to my Instagram feed today looks like it could be National Fall Leaves Day. Love living in a place with actual seasons!”

IMG_2444Day 31: Boo!

“Oh,good morning Fall in the valley.”

The Bosnian church has a retreat house at a lake in the woods where we go for a lot of our student retreats. We were there over the weekend for our Fall Retreat and I always love waking up to the view there.

There’s a little October re-cap for you, Blondetober style. Looking forward to seeing what November brings. It’s our last month before we head to America for furlough over the holidays so it will surely bring lots to do and much anticipation.


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