Trains I’m hoppin’ on…

Trains I'm hoppin' on

Craig relentlessly makes fun of me because I can’t help but get excited about and jump aboard with fads and concepts that come up. Sometimes when I recognize a fad coming, I warn him and tell him under no circumstance to let me partake.The most recent example of that is when last year I told him to not let me re-decorate any part of our house or create anything in a white and gold color scheme. I don’t like gold…but left to my fad-following self….I could start loving it.

Here are a few things though that I’m unapologetically hopping on board with.

1. Brene Brown

Brene BrownWe’ve watched her Ted Talks and thought she was awesome…but I really didn’t notice her authoring career until recently with the campaign for her newest book Rising Strong.

This morning I am home with a head cold and just feeling all around yucky and so of course that called for watching all the videos of her that I could. This one was a favorite…I was furiously scribbling notes the whole time.

Her three most recent books are going to the top of my “to-read” list after I finish all of my currents.

So much realness and so much wisdom. Love her. Can’t get enough of her.

2. Simply Tuesday

Simply TuesdaySo Emily P. Freeman’s newest book is out and all the ladies from the Blogtember Challenge had it on their to-read lists and so I got intrigued and added it to mine.

A few weeks ago though Emily’s blog post announcing her Simply Tuesday book club came up as a suggestion on my Bloglovin feed and I noticed it started that day.

Thanks to the time difference here in BiH from America I had time to download the book and read the first part before her first weekly periscope chat.

It’s been good…she has some good concepts, I’m especially loving her bench analogy. I’ve enjoyed the challenge of thinking through discussion questions to go along with the book, and going through it with a larger community, which I’ve never done before.

3. Hand Lettering


Prints from others that I hand-copied during a long seminar last year

If I’m being reeeealllly honest. I’m kind of annoyed that this is a big thing now. Everyone’s a hand letterer or learning calligraphy now. It’s the new thing everyone’s doing now after they’ve bought their first DSLR from Costco and have a “photography business.”  (If that offends you just know that I too own a DSLR and I too enjoy hand-lettering)

But. I don’t control these things.

I’ve mentioned Chris from Handlettering Co company before, and I’ve been a part of their video classes.

Right now I’m following along with Lisa at Looking at Life CreativeLei as she does 31 days of Love your Lettering and have enjoyed that.


4. Periscope????


I know…I know…I’m behind on the times and periscope is already popular. I’ve just recently joined up to keep up with the Simply Tuesday book club and some ladies from Write 31 days.

I don’t think this will be something I stick with though. I have found I just get annoyed with commenters and when the broadcaster gets sidetracked by commenters. Maybe I’ll get used to it…or maybe I’ll just vote people stick with vlogs…we’ll see…the jury is still out on that one.

There you have it.

What fads are you following that I need to get in on?


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