Blog-tember Day 27 | Wish List

Sunday, Sept. 27: What’s on your wish list?

Are you guys familiar with The Five Love Languages? I’m sure most of you are. The premise is that everyone gives and receives love best in one (or some combination) of five ways. My love language is gifts.

Really, my love language is giving gifts. On bad days I peruse Etsy and look for things to buy friends. I often say I wish we had more money so I could buy more presents.

Since we’ve lived the past five years overseas I have kept a Pinterest board of “gift ideas” for our families to refer to and a running list on my phone of things we like to be sent in packages. 99 our of 100 things on the second list are food. #noshame.

We’re going home for Christmas on furlough and we’re just asking for things like amazon gift cards (yay Kindle books!) and money so we can spend it at TJ Max and on all the fast food and 7-11 coffee, donuts, and slurpees our stomachs can handle. Oh my gosh and the egg nog.

Ok, I’m getting too carried away.

Whew, so while we’re going for more practical gifts this year, I’m still tempted to ask for all of these more tangible wish list items:

1. These Mason Jar Measuring cups and spoons

MasonDo I need new measuring cups? absolutely not. Are these practical? No. Are they the cutest things ever? Yes.

2. All of the shirts from Stately Type

Stately TypeI mentioned stately type on Thursday in my favorite follows post. My sister owns a few of their shirts already and says they’re super comfortable.

3. This Treat Yo Self Mug

Treat yo selfAny Parks and Rec people out there with me? Tom and Donna are favorites of ours. Well, really they all are. Except Jerry, of course.

4. Annnnnd more Enamel Mugs because they are awesome

Enamel Mugs Also in the “I don’t need them but they’re super cute” category, are these mugs from urban outfitters. I have this obsession with enamel mugs right now because we can warm up our coffee on our wood burning stove. They make me feel adventurous but the first one is totally me.

I could list things for days but I’ll just leave you with those few.

What’s on your wish list?

blogtemberbuttonI’m linking up with the Blog-tember challenge. You can too!


2 thoughts on “Blog-tember Day 27 | Wish List

  1. Pretty sure I’m in love with every on your list! Those Mason Jar Measuring Cups are especially beautiful and fun! I am familiar with love languages! And my whole family loves giving and receiving gifts. It must be near the top. My husband didn’t know what to do when he joined my family because people are always giving gifts! πŸ™‚

    • Haha, your poor guy. It was a learning curve for my husband too. He’s a big fat zero on the gifts giving category whenever he takes the Love Languages test. Christmas with my side of the family just baffles him as he would rather just buy whatever it is he wants when he wants it. πŸ™‚

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