Blog-tember Day 24 | Favorite follows

Thursday, Sept. 24: Shout out five of your favorite bloggers. Who are your regular reads?

Most of my blogging career over the past six years has been keeping up with friends and family from far away and keeping those friends and family posted on what we’ve been up to.

That means that for the most part my most read bloggers are my people who are just sharing stories of what their kids are learning in school or where their jobs have taken them.

Also I think I’m still mourning the loss of Google Reader (yes I know that was a billion years ago…) and haven’t found a great substitute. Anyone wanna give me their two cents on Feedly vs Blog Lovin’?? Which one should I hop on board with?

Anyways. We all know I’m obsessed with Instagram so most of my “bloggers” are Insta peeps. They’re doing some COOL stuff though that you definitely need to know about. I’ll share a few faves and link you to their Instagram accounts.

1.  Annie’s Eats

Annies Eats   Annie was the first blogger I actually started following. My best friend and I found her in college and realized every single one of her recipes was good. We never had to test them out first and there were never any fails.

I’ve followed her through several re-brandings and she has evolved a lot from only sweets, which is how she was early on. But she’s still my go to for a good dessert.

2. Hand Lettering Co

Hand Lettering CoI found Chris from Hand Lettering Company a while back on Pinterest. I found myself pinning a lot of his designs and then sketching them in my notebooks in meetings (I have to doodle to pay attention)…I didn’t know they were all his until I found him on Instagram a while later.

They recently held a kickstarter campaign for a laser engraver which I happily backed and now have lots of their prints and notebooks.

3. Stately Type

Stately TypeOk these guys are so fun! My sisters and I are obsessed.

Every week Stately Type picks a theme. It used to always be states but they have branched out to cities, countries, ideas, holidays, causes, etc. He designs three shirts around that theme and then their Instagram followers vote on which one to produce. If you commit to buy (on the honor system) your vote counts for ten votes.

Then you get to pre-order the shirts at 20% off. They have SO many fun shirts. I think I have 8 on my Christmas list haha.

4. Natalie Creates

Natalie CreatesI just recently found Natalie on Instagram and love her colorful farmhouse and spunk. I mentioned recently my obsession with farm life and she definitely helps to feed that as she and her husband not too long ago purchased a hobby farm and raise chickens and grow lots of great things there.

5. Benjamin Hole

Hole and SonsBen Hole is like my Instagram guilty pleasure. He and his family have a farm and raise sheep (among other livestock!) for wool. They produce and dye their own yarn from the wool now. If you’re in sewing circles you might actually already know about them because their yarn is pretty coveted and they always sell out immediately.

I always tell Craig my ideal sabbatical would be to go work on Ben’s beautiful English farm and help with the sheep all day. Craig thinks I’ve lost it, haha.

Those are all for now.

Are you a faithful blog follower? Or like me are you drawn to the Instargam feeds? Do you have an opinion on Feedly vs. Blog Lovin’? Feel free to weigh in and help me choose one or the other!


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