Blog-tember Day 22 | Create

Tuesday, Sept. 22: Get creative! Sketch, paint, dance, play music, whatever then give us a glimpse.

I had grand plans for today! I love, love, love, creating things. Whether it’s decorating, making gifts, scrapbooking, designing Bible verse prints or invitations, baking, or painting canvases…it’s usually pretty life giving for me to be able to be creative.

I wish I was more artistic and original, I do. I would love to be a good hand letterer or typograpist (I think I just made that title up) I would LOVE to own an Etsy store full of my beautiful creations. However, the reality is that I’m just a really good copier, and I live in Eastern Europe where their tastes are super different than my own, plus shipping would just be the whole Etsy thing will probably never pan out.

My best friend and I dream of starting our own bakery and all through college created by making people funny birthday cakes as their birthday gifts. Again though, Eastern Europe. It’s still on the dream list though. (Along with our idea to have a peanut butter and jelly food truck on our university’s campus, but that’s a story for another day.)

Today I was ready to paint a wooden sign to go in our house, one that’s been on my to-do list for a while. I even remembered to ask Craig to search out a good piece of wood for me. But, last week we moved out of the house with the re-claimed wood pile in the back (one man’s trash…) and couldn’t take much with us and we just didn’t have the right piece. You’ll just have to wait and see that another day I guess.

What I did end up doing today for work was put together an inspiration board on Pinterest for our new student center. That’s as creative as it got here today.


I’ve mentioned previously that we moved to Mostar earlier in this year and so we’re starting from scratch as far as our student work goes. In Sarajevo we had a beautiful office space where we held all of our events and did all of our hanging out. We’ll have that here too, it’s just been in the process of being built in a new office/apartment building.

University starts the second week of October here but we just got the keys to the new student center last week. The next few weeks will be a blur of buying things and helping as my husband and our boss make all of the tables and the built in kitchen. Whew. We might be a bit crazy…but talk about creating!

What about you? Do you have a favorite creative outlet or many?

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