Blog-tember Day 5 | Current Life Soundtrack

Current playlists Ok now that you know a little bit about me, I’ll skip to day 5 of the Blog-tember Challenge to get me up to date.

Saturday, September 5: Put your iTunes/music player on shuffle and share the first 10 songs that play.

Yikes, y’all that’s a little intimate! 😉

To be honest, I don’t own a lot of music. Like a lot of you, I love music. Three of my siblings went to art school for piano performance, I play two and a half instruments and my husband says my family is the only family he knows who actually believes their life is a musical. We’re always singing. (Side note: When my sisters and I were younger we would wake up every morning and get back in character and preform week long musicals, singing the day away. Thanks to Craig I now know that’s not normal.)

But with the invention of Spotify, Pandora, iTunes radio, and YouTube playlists (my personal favorite) I enjoy the mix of old and new and multiple artists way too much, and can listen to waaay more than I can afford.

I thought I would share my top five favorite artists to generate playlists from at the moment, because that’s a little more real and a little more into who I am and what I’m doing every day.

1. The Bosnian Music

I did put my itunes on shuffle for you but it was mostly Bosnian music to help me learn language. I’ll add my favorite for you just for kicks.

Tose Proeski & Antonija Sola : Volim osmijeh tvoj (I love your smile)
2. Shane & Shane

I’ve been in a real Shane and Shane kick lately. Their Worship Initiative CDs are SO worth checking out. For a while they had them all streaming on YouTube and I had days worth of music playing.

Ugh, you guys, this one gets me every time. For the past week I have started my playlist with this song. Good good stuff.

Shane and Shane: Though You Slay Me (Featuring John Piper)
3. Rend Collective

Ok I know they’re super in and popular and hipster and folk and whatver right now. But the Art of Celebration CD…..SO good! From January until June we played that Cd every day. (Do people still say CD? Is that out now? Should I say album?) and ended up buying it because we knew we just had to support these guys and the music they’re making.

Rend Collective : Joy
4. All Sons and Daughters

I pretty much could say the same thing for them as I did for Rend Collective. They’re awesome. Great harmonies. I’ll leave it at that. I will add that I had a really hard time picking a favorite song from them.

All Sons and Daughters: O How I Need You
5. Pink/Fun/Train

I really couldn’t decide for this last playlist who to put. I usually go for a mixture of these guys…they’re just so fun! (Pun not intended)

It was a tie between Train’s Bruises and Pink’s Just give me a reason so I picked the one that I sing the craziest to, and have preformed at karaoke more than once…I kid you not.

Pink : Just Give Me a Reason (featuring Nate Ruess)

I realized that I could keep putting up “favorite” music for hours! I didn’t even touch on Christmas music, sound tracks, Disney songs, Country…oh gosh I love country, The workout playlist, or the…well..lets just call it what we listened to in high school playlist, haha.

What about you? Can you pick favorite songs or like me do you struggle to narrow them down? Did we have any in common?



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