A Life Without a Tagline.

In today’s social society of Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, I’m not surprised that the things to follow them were Kickstarter and Etsy.

We re-connected with every acquaintance we’ve ever known ever, and then found all of the things we didn’t know we should have done at our weddings and children’s’ birthday parties. There was something unifying and fun about everyone being in the same place.

For a while.

Then, as it usually does, comparison creeps in.

And we look around and start to realize we’re all the same. And for some ungodly reason, we’re not OK with that.

So, we try to stand out. We take better pictures. Throw better parties. Have more friends. Share more. Blog more. Campaign more. More.

It led to this need of having to be someone or something. Etsy stores were created, blogs were started, small business opened. All seeming to say “Hey look at me! I can do this great thing that sets me apart from everyone else.”

But now? Everyone with a DSLR camera is a photographer, anyone with a hobby lobby in their town is an art entrepreneur, everyone who’s ever been to a wedding is an event planner. Don’t even get me started about anyone being a mom or a follower of Jesus developing a platform and needing to share it on their blogs.

Your life started to have to have a tagline.

You know what I mean. It’s what goes in the Blog or Instagram bio. It’s the catchy phrase that tells the world you’re hip, you care, and of course you’re obsessed with coffee and originality.

That’s where I found myself in crisis.

I recently exclaimed to my husband (if you can call laying in bed an crying an exclamation) that I felt like my life needed to be re-branded.

This came after a few wasted hours on the Instagram discover feed. Where I was seeing everyone’s “originality,” everyone’s platform, everyone’s pictures of coffee. And sickeningly, I wanted in.

I wanted a tagline.

What was my platform? Am I a wife? A goldendoodle owner? A Jesus-follower? Am I devoted to “seeing captives set free,” “adventure being out there?” Was my goal to be an advocate for the wives without children, to make spaces pretty, to tell a better story, share how was I invoking change, and how much more than the rest of you I love coffee? What do I write to sum it all up for everyone so they know how original I am and what I have to offer?

In a way that only a true friend sent from the Lord could do he reminded me that if I ever set out to do things for someone other than myself and the Lord that I would never be satisfied. No matter how good I got at any of the things I aimed to do, I would always want to be the best, I would always want to be set apart, I would always want my tagline to matter.

Trying to make a name for myself would rob me of any of the joy of the process and only leave me with results that other people were already trying to produce. I can’t make a difference if I’m not any different than anyone else.

So, I’ve decided to try life without a tagline.

No mold to fit into. No platform to box me in. The confines are off and I think the result will be freedom, joy, and a result way better than anything I could have ever dreamed up with in some kind of tagline.

I’m Stephanie. No more, no less, no phrase, no explanation. Just me.

(I feel the need to state that I own a DSLR, have sold my artwork online, and obviously have a blog. This was not a poke at anyone but myself and  a revelation my soul needed to hear be free.)


4 thoughts on “A Life Without a Tagline.

  1. I absolutely love this. I have definitely gone through many tagline phases- some right where God needed me to be and many totally distracting me from what God had for me in that season. Excited to read more here!

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