OH why not?

I’m feeling a little anxious with this first post. Like I have to prove to you it’s worth reading, explain everything in a nutshell.

Then I remembered this whole blogging thing isn’t new to me. I’ve actually been doing it for about six years now, believe it or not.

But recently I got this squirming conviction (I don’t really know if that’s a thing but you know what I mean. That feeling that won’t go away that makes you want to squirm ’cause you don’t really want to do what it’s asking you to do) that I needed a fresh blogging start. Out here, in the open.

What are you in for?

Just us. The comings, the goings, the thoughts, and the pictures. You better believe there will always be pictures.

Admittedly, I’m not great at learning new things so the jump to WordPress will be an interesting one. But I’d love to have you along for the ride.



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